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Name Of The EmployeeDate Of JoiningDesignationQualification
Sh. T.R Narula8/13/2006HODM.Sc, MEE
Sh. Rajesh Jindal9/28/2007Sr. lecturerM.A , M.Phill, L.LB
Dr. Wasim Javed (Physics)2/15/2008Sr. lecturerM.Sc., Phd Physics
Sh. Narender Kumar (Math)2/19/2008LecturerM.Sc., M.Phill Maths
Sh. Satyavir Singh (Math)2/15/2008LecturerM.Sc, Maths
Dr. Jyoti Gupta (English)12/12/2008LecturerM.A, M.Phill, Phd English
Smt. Sonia (Chemistry)12/17/2008LecturerM.Sc, M.Phill Chemistry
Sh. Randhir Singh (Physics)7/15/2016LecturerPh.d Physics
Sh. Ravi Bansal (Math)7/14/2016LecturerMsc. Math
Smt. Reetu (English)7/19/2016LecturerPh.d English